Position in Texas Hold`em

Most holdem players agree that more hole cards can be played profitably in late position than in early position. Any holdem hole cards that win money in early position will certainly win more money in late postion. Any hole cards that lose money in early position are probably not worth playing in any position.

In a live holdem game it won’t take the other players long to see that you’re playing weak hole cards on the button. You’ll then be check raised or worse yet, you’ll be betting while a strong hand is easily calling all the way to the river. Too many situations like those will wipe out all the easy money you made with weak hole cards in late position.
There are very few hole cards that are losers in early position and winners in late position. Exactly which hole cards to play in late position and fold in early position will vary from game to game. It’s impossible to know what to play or fold based solely on position, and even if you did know, the gain would be very small and very risky. If your hole cards are not strong enough to play in early position, don’t play them at all. Late position is not a license to gamble at Oncasinogames with poor hands.

When you’re in the small blind and no one raises, it’s tempting to call with weak hole cards just to see the flop. If your hole cards are weak, abandon your small blind bet and fold your hand.

Likewise, when you’re in the big blind and someone raises, fold your hand if it’s not strong enough to play. Throwing good money after bad has never been a good idea.

You might win a little more in the long run by playing a little looser in the blinds, but you’ll increase the risk to your bankroll more than just a little. Save yourself and wait for winning hole cards even in the blinds.