Swedes Want Taxes from Online Gambling

It seems that the people of Sweden have been evading their taxes when it comes to online gambling. They say that there are online gambling players and marketing affiliates that have be evading their taxes and now they want their money. They say that the amount of money out there could get as high as Euro 45 million.

The Skatteverket or Swedish Tax Authorities are working with the Swedish Gaming Board and the National Economic Crimes Bureau to crack down on online gambling and are asking for those major online gambling companies to provide them with records of their winners. They were thought to be looking into the online casinos initially, but now their request has spread to the players and affiliates as well.

They must be in and operating from Swedish soil, and when identified they are looking at tax rates as high as 57%. They will also be facing various penalties for not reporting their online gambling winnings earlier and attempting to circumvent the system. They say that they are looking at millions of dollars in outstanding taxes just from the players and affiliates.

Last year the Skatteverket had already announced that Multipoker.com owed SEK40 million, or Euro 4.3 million in unpaid taxes. Experts say that soon no one will be immune to the inquiries and that those that have not paid their taxes should get some professional assistance as to how to proceed from here.

Given all the troubles that the government has of its own because of the monopolistic nature of their online gambling, it is a wonder that they have time to prosecute everyone in their own country for not paying their bills.

Online gambling is going to occur whether they like it or not, and no matter what the government says or does they cannot completely stop it. The fact that there are so many online casinos shows that the industry is not going away. All they are doing is brushing it under the carpet, but just as prohibition did not stop drinking, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act will not stop theĀ best online casino 2019.

So instead of pretending that it will go away, embrace it and see how it might work for us instead of against us. McDermott has shown that through proper taxation and control the US could be bringing in somewhere in the vicinity of $8.2 billion to $42.8 billion over the next ten years. The fact that we are facing an economic crisis in our country between the war and the housing market goes to show that they are not thinking straight about what online gambling could do for our country.

People keep hollering that a recession is imminent, but if we choose to take the chance at bringing in additional funds for the country through online gambling, everything could change. The only thing they seem to want to do is pretend that the UIGEA is working and that people are not participating in online gambling but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are people still participating in online gambling, but now other countries are suing us and winning over our laws as well.

It is high time our government took its proverbial head out of the sand and took advantage of online gambling in ways that we can only start to dream up.