The Bad Casinos

A bad casino is defined here as an online casino that we do not recommend you play at for several reasons. These casinos are not necessarily dishonest or malicious, for that list of felons go to our Ugly Casinos list. Quite often it is incompetence by the casino operators, or perhaps they have overly harsh terms and conditions for paying out bonuses to legitimate players.

bad casino

Bad Casinos might use poor software, have dubious licenses, or simply register enough complaints from other players that it is our obligation to warn you not to play there. Bad Casinos do have the opportunity to salvage and repair their damaged reputations, and from time to time we will remove these casinos from our list. However, these casinos will never be endorsed by us. They will never be featured as a Good Casino. The best these people can hope for is the pleasant purgatory of not being listed at all.

Geisha Lounge – Did not pay their affiliates and we have no reason to expect that they would pay their players either.

Crockfords Casino – All glitz and no substance here. It tempted us, we signed up as affiliates but we never received the money that we are still owed today. Don’t fall for the same smoke and mirrors by joining them.

Bringmeluck Casino – They made a number of fraudulent claims on their website, saying they were members of various reputable associations like the Interactive Gaming Council, when they are not. If they lie about stuff like this why on earth would you trust them with your cash?

Clock Media Casinos – Early versions of their software were programmed to cheat players, and this by their own admission! They have also had serious security issues in terms of protetcing players’ privacy. This was all two to three years ago, so even though things might have changed we would still caution you to not play at any casino that uses Clock Media software, and this includes: asurebetcasino, royalnetcasino, cyberclubcasino, tentencasino, takeallbets.