The Pros And Cons Of Empire Poker

First of all one needs to understand that Empire Poker is a “skin” of Party Poker. What does that mean? If Party Poker was a bricks-and-mortar card room it would have two entrances. The first door would say Party Poker and you’d enter the normal way. The second door, however, would read Empire Poker on the front, and the doorway would have a different design. Once you went inside though it is the same card room. These two sites combine their traffic to increase the number of ring games and tournaments they can hold. The software, the random card shuffle, and the players are the same. The graphics and the look and feel are different. The two companies are also separately owned and managed. They offer different bonuses and promotions, and if you’re an Empire Poker player and have a complaint or query you would take it up with Empire Poker’s support staff.

The Pros of Empire Poker should be self-explanatory. If you have an account at Party Poker you can still open an account with Empire Poker and receive their welcome bonus of 20% up to $100. The traffic is the largest in the world, which means a lot of good action, and their software platform is stable and secure.

The Cons are the same gripes that we have about Party Poker, namely that the rakes are high for small games, there aren’t as many fish swimming around as was once the case, and the graphics are not the best in the industry. Still, these are minor complaints. Empire Poker is one poker room that you should join if you’re serious about playing online poker.

Prima Poker Network Review

What is the key to a successful online poker room? Players. Without a lot of action at various limits you can never hope to run a good poker website. The operators worked this out a while ago and online poker is now dominated by growing Poker Networks that share identical software and pool their players into one virtual card room.

The biggest Network is still the alliance betweaen Party Poker and Empire Poker, but the Prima Poker Network is set to eclipse them soon. Why? Because of the sheer number of poker rooms that are joining together under this network, and because most of them are also casinos that have large numbers of active players that they can recruit to join their poker room.

What does this mean for you the player? It’s good news, because the Prima Poker network features some of the weakest, loosest poker players known to man. These people stay for every flop, they alternate between playing poker and online slots, and they’re just online to have a little fun. Can you spell F-I-S-H?

Each company is separately owned and managed, which means that bonuses and promotions will vary. The look and feel of the graphics might also be different, but rest assured that the software, the random shuffle, and the players are the same across the board. The network is backed by MicroGaming software, which means it is secure, stable and unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

Where should you sign up? Since the card room is identical the issue is exclusively one of customer service. You want to join a website that offers decent promotions and incentives, and has the customer support in case you have a problem.